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Have you ever taken a walk down a trail, enjoyed time sitting by a stream or under a tree and felt a sense of well-being, a sense of calm and tranquility?

Does the idea of sitting in an office and talking to a therapist sound overwhelming or uncomfortable, even if you know you or your child need to talk to someone?

At Tree of Life Counseling, the therapeutic effects of being outdoors are both recognized and emphasized.  By utilizing Walk and Talk Therapy, sessions are conducted in any of the beautiful parks and outdoor spaces* in and around the Greater Fort Worth area while the therapist and client walk and talk together. 

I invite you to explore the different areas of my website.  If you have any questions after doing so or would like to contact me to set up an initial complimentary phone consultation, please complete the contact form or call 817-888-8322.

I commend you for taking the first steps towards improving your overall mental health and wellness! I look forward to hearing from you!



Walk and Talk Therapy has many benefits from decreasing stress, anxiety, and depression to building confidence and self esteem.  Who is a good fit for this type of therapy? Why is this therapy effective? Get your questions answered and more...

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Meet your Therapist

Sometimes it can be difficult to ask for help.  Will I feel comfortable talking to this therapist? Will she know how to help me? Take a moment to learn a little about who I am, my background, and my therapeutic philosophy. 

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*Office space available upon request